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    What are the functions of protective earmuffs
    Time: 2021-01-11
    According to the investigation of noise on human health, every decibel increase in noise in this area will affect people's normal working mood and make people easily irritable and irritable. So, what are the functions of protective earmuffs?
    The role of protective earmuffs:
    Protective earmuffs are ear protectors that can cover the entire auricle. The anti-noise earmuffs are composed of two round shell-shaped bodies connected by a bow frame, and sound-absorbing materials and sealing gaskets are attached in the shell, and the whole shape is like a headset. Suitable for environments with high noise, the sound attenuation can reach 10-30dB. It can be used alone or in combination with earplugs. Protective earmuffs can significantly reduce noise and effectively protect ears and hearing. It is widely used in places with strong noise such as factories and airports. Many high-decibel working environments seriously affect the hearing safety of workers. Therefore, reasonable ear protectors should be selected for the workers according to the actual site environment to reduce the possibility of damage to the workers' hearing.
    Types of ear protectors:
    ① Earplugs: can be inserted into the external auditory canal or at the entrance of the external auditory canal, suitable for noise environments below 115 decibels. It has two types: plastic and non-plastic. Plastic earplugs are made of wax-dipped cotton yarn, soundproof glass wool, plasticine and other materials. The user can shape it at will, using each piece once or several times. Non-plastic earplugs, also known as "universal earplugs", are made of plastic, rubber and other materials, and come in a variety of sizes. China has made dozens of earplugs.
    ② Earmuffs: shaped like earphones, a device installed on the bow frame to cover the ears to attenuate noise. The noise attenuation of earmuffs can reach 10-40 decibels, which is suitable for high-noise environments, such as shipyards, processing workshops of metal structure factories, and engine test benches. In recent years, some countries have also fixed earmuffs on welding masks or used them in combination with communication headsets or earphones. Earplugs and earmuffs can be used alone or in combination. The combined use can increase the noise attenuation by 5-15 decibels compared to the single use.
    ③ Anti-noise helmet: It can protect most of the head. If you add earmuffs, the anti-noise effect will be better. This kind of helmet has the functions of anti-noise, anti-collision, anti-cold, anti-storm, anti-shock wave etc.
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